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The limits of inclusion

The post-OHM silence after the storm brings a time for reflection and analysis. What follows is an edited collection of thoughts from several indivuals written before, during and after the camp. Its aim is to provide a more theoretical basis for discussion, to release the conflicts we endured during OHM out of the personal sphere and abstract them so we may learn from them, challenge our identities and prevent future mistakes. Hackercamps

Kid's tomorrow

Last week while visting Re:Publica 2013 in Berlin I had the opportunity to discuss the controversy brought to the surface by Groente's blog titled “What's wrong with the kids today?” with several people outside the Dutch hacker scene. A few things struck me. First and foremost, there is a massive underappreciation of the vastly differing contexts in which everyone involved in the debate operates.

What's wrong with the kids these days?

On the moral decay of the Dutch hacker scene A lot has changed since the days when the people around Hacktic set up and defined the Dutch hacker scene. The Hang Out made way for a variety of hackerspaces; Hacktic itself is long dead (who needs dead trees to communicate nowadays anyway?) and the crew organizing OHM2013 is a completely different one from the oldies that had set up the Galactic Hacker Party and HIP. In short, we're looking at a complete new generation of Dutch hackers.

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