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3 Spams for the price of 1

After another long day of building up a platform to create providers for encrypted mail (entre autres) it was time to abuse some substances to quieten parts of my brain, the news junkie part. Consume with me, in today's news, read elsewhere: Riseup, Lavabit, Calyx and Google. Democracy Now did a longer interview with both Ladar Levison from Lavabit and Nick from Calyx.

The reality of global surveillance - phrack world news

Een aardige tekst, vanalles en nog wat en vooral dat je niemands blauwe ogen moet geloven."Global surveillance is no longer stuff from science fiction books, or attributed only to the most powerful secret services in the world. It becomes a requirement for most ISPs to stay in business.""It all comes down to knowledge. Knowledge cannot be obtained by believe.

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