3 Spams for the price of 1

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After another long day of building up a platform to create providers for encrypted mail (entre autres) it was time to abuse some substances to quieten parts of my brain, the news junkie part. Consume with me, in today's news, read elsewhere: Riseup, Lavabit, Calyx and Google. Democracy Now did a longer interview with both Ladar Levison from Lavabit and Nick from Calyx. Ladar is some Libertarian, God and Law abiding dude who shut down his mail service. Calyx used to host some Indymedia machines way back in whenever. Riseup published a statement and a Q&A on cooperating with the government. Maybe PUSCII and others can read it. And think about what we'd do when shit hits our fans. 'Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’' Let's go on with quoting: "According to Google, federal wiretap laws provide third-party email providers with liability from litigation if their practices are done “in their ordinary course of business.” An Electronic Communication Service (ECS) such as Gmail must scan emails sent to and from their systems, says Google, as part of providing the services they offer." And now, my dear letter consumer, can you come up with some words to describe people that work or cooperate with cops and governments? Can you picture Puscii as superheroes and them as the Villains? Hat colors and shades aren't inspirational.