Call for Papers: Interference

Interference, n:

  1. preventing (a process or activity) from continuing or being carried out properly.
  2. the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or cancelled.

Philosophy of hacking

The definition of hacking is controversial at best. Anyone familiar with the hacking scene probably has some intuitive feelings towards what is meant by hacking. Connotations of creativity, subversiveness and tinkering with highly complex technology are quite broadly accepted. Nevertheless, hacker groups and individuals have had furious discussions over its definition, ranging from cybercrime to kernel development. This goes to show that hacking is not rooted in or defined by one specific subculture, there is no one coherent hackerscene.

What's wrong with the kids these days?

On the moral decay of the Dutch hacker scene A lot has changed since the days when the people around Hacktic set up and defined the Dutch hacker scene. The Hang Out made way for a variety of hackerspaces; Hacktic itself is long dead (who needs dead trees to communicate nowadays anyway?) and the crew organizing OHM2013 is a completely different one from the oldies that had set up the Galactic Hacker Party and HIP. In short, we're looking at a complete new generation of Dutch hackers.

Opsporing misplaatst

Op 16 oktober is de conceptbrief ter vernieuwing van online opsporingsbevoegdheden gelekt. De minister wil het mogelijk maken om rechtstreeks vanuit iemands mobiele apparatuur (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) alle inhoud van verbonden clouddiensten te doorzoeken, te kopiëren en eventueel ontoegankelijk te maken. Dit is op zich goed voor te stellen want tegenwoordig ligt correspondentie niet meer in het dressoir en de agenda niet meer op tafel.

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