Benefit Party PUSCII & PinkNoise 5 april Scheveningen

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Time for a benefit-party, get out of your basement, house, trailer, villa or cave and get yourself over to the Pirate Bar (Yarrr!) in Scheveningen.


PUSCII & PinkNoise
PiratenBar, Hellingweg 127, Scheveningen
Saturday, April 5 2014
Benefit Party!
PUSCII & PinkNoise are broke.




14:00-20:00 Workshops and Privacy Party 18:00-21:00 Food 21:00-24:00 UBICA Cocktail Bar 21:00-04:00 Bands, Videoart & DJś with:
Queen Victoria & The Free Radicals (Ska, NL)
Harry Merry (songwriter/entertainer, NL)
Potme (hiphop, CZ)
MC Broko(breakcore, CZ)
Failotron(chip/electronic, HU) - More artists TBA DJś from various (tech)collectives








Puscii and pinknoise are broke, come party with us.

Puscii used to run Utrechts first public internet workplace in the Ubica squat (RIP). Since our retreat to virtual realms, we run a server to provide web hosting, e-mail, mailinglists, streaming, etc. to anarchist groups, hackers, freaks and other sorts of people like us. We do our best to keep your data safe from the prying eyes and ears of state and capital, using cryptography wherever possible. Alas, servers ain't cheap, so we're chronically broke and depend on you to come party with us! Pinknoise is a DIY media collective, doing ad-hoc live reporting with pirate radio, audio- and videostreams. Together with Puscii we've done live reports on stuff like the Ubica eviction, NoBorder camp, Pinksterlanddagen and numerous other events, discussions, demonstrations and actions. We need you to get drunk on cocktails, so we can buy (better) gear and stay lo-fi out of punk principle, but not out of necessity.