PUSCII Open Hackerspace Day

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PUSCII was open during the Open Hackerspace Day on Saturday, March 30th. On the program we had our hardware-freeshop, a Tails workshop and a discussion on the politics of hackerspaces. In total we had about 35 visitors during the day, of which about 15 attended the Tails workshop. During the day USB bootsticks were distributed, people were introduced to the concepts and hazards of SSL, TOR and GPG and bugs were found and filed, while in the meantime Emacs has been ported to MorphOS. During the evening we had a discussion on politics and hackerspaces, in which 6 people of 3 different hackerspaces participated. Unfortunatly Rop Gongrijp could not make it, but luckily our colleagues at RandomData (http://www.randomdata.nl) were able to join us last minute. We explored the ethical commonground within our diverse community and were happy to have gained some insights in our various perspectives. The recording of the discussion can be found here: http://www.puscii.nl/blog/sites/www.puscii.nl/files/puscii-lag-randomdata.ogg. At one point during the discussion, the distinction between hacklabs and hackerspaces was made, for those interested an excellent article on this can be found in the Journal of Peer Production: http://peerproduction.net/issues/issue-2/peer-reviewed-papers/hacklabs-a... . Late at night we watched the demo compos from the Revision 2013 stream (http://2013.revision-party.net) and concluded with C= 64 bleeps and blobs, beer and mate. Most of the gear donated for the freeshop was taken by happy visitors who are involved in setting up a hacklab in Poland. Overall we're pleased with the result of the day and plan to organise similar events in the future.