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"Police threatens websitehost without court order."

Thursdayevening, september 27th, the Utrecht police called the hoster facilitating the Bikefest 2012 website. In this call the hoster was put under pressure to take the site offline. The officer mentioned he had a court order to take the site down as it was calling out to disturb the peace. No such order was ever shown.

Bikefest is an event focused on durability, bicycles and 'Do It Yourself' bikerepair and maintenance. The fourth edition of this event was planned to be held in Utrecht for the first time. Previous editions in Scheveningen and Amsterdam have never led to any troubles, nor did they disturb the peace.

On friday the municipality of Utrecht sent a letter to the location where Bikefest was to be held. Herein it orders the eviction of the building, based on firesafety regulations. It seems unlikely this is the true reason, as the building is a stable construction of steel and concrete, has many escape routes and has several extinguishers placed throughout the building. This does not constitute a severe threat that would require immediate eviction. In reality, it seems much more plausible the eviction is used as a means to prohibit Bikefest 2012 from happening.

It is remarkable that the announced eviction and the threats to the hoster, PUSCII in Utrecht, happened at the same time. According to the hoster the police is making an extra move towards an extreme form of internetcensorship. The direct reason can probably be found with the events in the small town of Haren earlier this month. In reply several police-organisations expressed a desire to be able to take down websites or other online information without court order. Dutch politicians however made immediately clear they would refuse to cooperate in such actions.

Nevertheless, the police tried taking down the Bikefest 2012 website anyway, by applying pressure to PUSCII. The hoster however never received a formal ordinance. It seems that the police is bluffing to take information offline. This happened earlier this year as well when the site had to take down a pamphlet and when Indymedia was ordered to take down a picture of a police-officer. In both cases there was a considerable amount of bluffing before any court orders were shown.

These methods are increasingly being applied by the dutch police and government and they are often successful as many hosters do not have the time or experience to counteract police bullying. This is the main reason why PUSCII always publishes about these incidents whenever a similar situation occurs.

PUSCII is a small collective that started as a free internetworkplace and hackerspace with the goal to make internet available to everyone, independant of their budget or income. These days PUSCII no longer has a physical space, but instead does hosting to provide a space on the internet for likeminded people. PUSCII strives for an open internet that is accessible for everyone without limitations in their free speech or without being snooped upon by a diversity of organisations, governments or individuals.

Bikefest 2012 website:

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De werkelijke reden lijkt eerder bij het verbieden van Bikefest 2012 te liggen. Dat de aangekondigde ontruiming en de aanzegging aan de hoster, PUSCII te Utrecht, gelijktijdig gebeuren is opvallend te noemen. Volgens de hoster zet de politie hiermee een stap richting verdergaande internetcensuur. De directe aanleiding hiervoor zijn de gebeurtenissen in Haren eerder deze maand. bed sheet set online , queen bed sheet sets , premium bed sheets , bridal bed sheets online shopping , all seasons duvet , vicky razai , sofa covers canada , velvet quilt , razai cover design , baby bath towels online pakistan

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How to Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10? Just follow the steps below: Use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to open theSettings app. Navigate through Devices and go to Bluetooth. Click on the peripheral you want to disconnect, and click the Remove button and then click Yes to confirm. (or Samsung TouchWiz) is the user interface created, designed and developed by ... The status bar is now transparent during home screen mode in TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 and TouchWizNature UX 2.5. In TouchWiz 4.0 on Galaxy

Apple’s not going to make it sorry, they don’t make software for Windows. But you want it so desperately, that’s why you’re here. Well then good so, because I have it right here on my Windows 10. Well as you can see this is not only GarageBand but a whole neck running on Windows 10. If you’re crazy about GarageBand App and have no MacBook that’s how to get garageband on mac it just run Mac OSX in a virtual machine and use the original GarageBand. 

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Bikefest is an event focused on durability, bicycles and 'Do It Yourself' bikerepair and maintenance. The fourth edition of this event was planned to be held in Utrecht for the first time. Previous editions in Scheveningen and Amsterdam have never led to any troubles, nor did they disturb the peace. afghani cap online , vintage choker necklace , tiger embroidery patch , Tribal Babay Banaris Dress

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