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"the recent arrest of Sven Olaf Kamphuis was received with cheers in the Dutch scene (good riddance of the spamming bastard)"

And don't forget he is a self proclaimed active pedophile. If you know him you know of his "projects". That is what he calls "jongetjes met draadjeshaar" (young boys with dreadlocks) who he flies in from around the world.

Nice hero....

Via some backchannels I've been asked why I posted this on the PUSCII blog. It is for a few practical reasons:

  • The controversy became public here, so why not continue the conversation here too.
  • It reflects my personal thoughts and feelings on these matters and my own blog isn't particular well-read since I rarely post on it.
  • I do not and cannot represent OHM 2013, although I am part of Team:Content which curates the content of the event, so the OHM 2013 website was out of the question.

Hope this answers that question sufficiently.