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Disconnected Filesharing hack-a-thon

On May the 3rd 2014, NURDSpace and PUSCII are organising a Disconnected Filesharing Hack-a-thon. Hacking on filesharing tools which do not rely on Internet connectivity.


NURDSpace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen, Netherlands


Saturday 2014-05-03, or Saturday the 3rd of May 14 years after the apocalypse.
Starts at 14:00 and will go on for about 6 hours.

Post Privacy Party tools

As we've done some Privacy Parties now, here's a list of tools we've collected so far.

Please keep in mind though, that privacy is generally a social problems and these technical-tools can only help you resist against others trying to snoop on your personal affairs. There are no 'perfect' solutions, but depending on your situation, these tools can be quite effective.

PUSCII Privacy Party, How did it go...

Last Saturday the 1st of March, we organised a Privacy party in the book store the Rooie Rat in Utrecht. TL;DR: It was a success. We started at 14:00, but a few people where there earlier. In total we had about 25 active participants. We started out listing the stuff people wanted to learn and who could help teach these items, we had quite a list but in the end we ended up having groups on the following topics: * Tails & Tor * GnuPG/PGP * Browser Privacy * OTR * Doxing * Linux installation

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