Post Privacy Party tools

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As we've done some Privacy Parties now, here's a list of tools we've collected so far.

Please keep in mind though, that privacy is generally a social problems and these technical-tools can only help you resist against others trying to snoop on your personal affairs. There are no 'perfect' solutions, but depending on your situation, these tools can be quite effective.

Browser Privacy Tools

Suggested browsers

- Firefox
- Iceweasel
- Tor-browserbundle

Firefox Add-Ons which are helpful

- Request Policy (Prevents contacting sites which you're not visiting, whitelisting)
- (Prevents trackers from being loaded on websites, blacklisting)
- Ghostery (Can block trackers, but leaves them on by default):
- QuickJava (easy button to enable/disable javascript, java, flash, silverlight on sites):
- NoScript (whitelist/blacklist javascript, java, flash for certain sites):
- Adblock Edge (Blocks advertisements):
- HttpsEverywhere (use https/SSL whenever it's available):
- BetterPrivacy (Throw away cookies after using, all of them):

Search Engines

- Ixquick /
- Duckduckgo / /
- Metager /


Privacy toolsbox on a USB-Stick:
Run a Linux enviroment from a USB-Stick where everything is routed through tor and with every by default set to aid your privacy.

Privacy in Communication

OTR (Off The Record)

system to sent encrypted instant messages
+ Pidgin:
+ Jitsi: (linux, windows, mac, android)

PGP/GPG Pretty Good Privacy

system to send encrypted mail and create digital signatures
+ Enigmail (GPG Addon for Thunderbird):
+ KGPG (KDE/Kubuntu GPG interface):
+ Cryptophane (windows):

Privacy Apps for Android

Less google on your android

- Replicant (fully opensource android adaptation):
- Cyanogenmod (mostly opensource, doesn't need google-play etc):
- Alternative android market with all opensource tools (add the guardianproject repository):
- More on hardening android:

File Sharing Stuff

- Git-Annex /
- Seafile / |
- Tahoe-Lafs /
- Sparkleshare /

Taking Photos

- ObscuraCam (hides faces and encrypts) /
- InformaCam (keeps all metadata and important information) /

Hiding informations

- Pixelnot,: Hiding text in images

Encrypted Communications

- APG: android pgp app / |
- K-9 mail (opensource mail client/app that works with APG) / manual:

Anoymised Communications

- Orbot: android tor app /
- Orweb tor-focussed webbrowser /
- Howto:

Encrypted Instant messaging

(use with orbot to anonymise)
- Encrypted Instant Messaging: chatsecure / (XMPP/Jabber + OTR)
- Cryptocat (iPhone/Android in development)

General resources

- Guardian Project (makes good apps for activists):

More information

- Security in a Box by the Tactical Technology Collective
- Surveillance Self-Defense by the EFF