Disconnected Filesharing hack-a-thon

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On May the 3rd 2014, NURDSpace and PUSCII are organising a Disconnected Filesharing Hack-a-thon. Hacking on filesharing tools which do not rely on Internet connectivity.


NURDSpace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen, Netherlands


Saturday 2014-05-03, or Saturday the 3rd of May 14 years after the apocalypse.
Starts at 14:00 and will go on for about 6 hours.


Everything gets more and more connected, everything becomes part of the Internet. More and more tools also start depending on having Internet on being connected, making surveillance easier, but also excluding those who are not or do not want to be always connected. Disconnected services bring things back closer to home, closer to the physical spaces. As any transfer require the coverage of physical distance with slower speeds than those of electrons, the transfers become less predictable, harder to monitor but also more personal and linked to your physical surroundings.


Hack-a-thon where people will work on projects surrounding filesharing without internet. Projects such as:

  • PirateBox
  • Forban
  • Occupy-Here
  • Rhizome
  • RiotNAS
  • ZeroMQ
  • DeadDrop
  • ...?

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