The Marx Generator

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PUSCII's latest project, The Marx Generator, is up and running. The Marx Generator reads out to twitter from Karl Marx' classic Das Kapital. Readings last roughly half an hour and are held three times per day, starting at 10.00, 14.00 and 20.00 CET. You ask why? It's all explained on the about page: "In an age of global economic crisis it is peculiar to witness the role of social media in shaping mainstream political discourse. While the odds at stake are increasing, focus is drawn away from underlying political theory and pointed at the increasingly informal expressions of individual politicians. Twitter has established itself as the dominant platform which imposes its framework onto the political arena, allowing for little more then the throwing back and forth of oneliners, bound by a maximum of 140 characters. The Marx Generator aims at reinstating critical theory within the realm of mainstream politics by actively engaging in its arena and feeding it with classic works that are becoming more relevant then ever. By slicing up an entire book into short sentences and reading it out onto a network that demotes any attention span longer then eight seconds, we hope to promote a more intellectual approach towards the world around us. This is not to say we regard ourselves Marxists or wish to institute the dicatorship of the proletariat (quite frankly, we rather dislike any kind of dictatorship). We do however regard the analysis of capitalism made by Marx as one of immense value for a basic understanding of economic crises. As such, we regard it a must-read for anyone involving themselves in politics. Yours sincerely, Progressive Utrecht Subversive Center for Information Interchange" So if you want to catch up on your classics, can follow Marx on!/KarlMarxReader