1 maart: Puscii Privacy Party @ RooieRat

1 maart, 14.00h - Rooie Rat, Oudegracht 65, Utrecht

Het zal niemand zijn ontgaan dat ons internet- en telefoonverkeer gretig wordt afgeluisterd. Met name activisten zijn hiervoor een geliefd doelwit. Maar de online privacyschendingen gaan verder dan alleen aftappende inlichtingendiensten. Ook het grootkapitaal - google, facebook, u kent ze wel - weet ons driftig te volgen en vaak onopgemerkt te profileren. Gelukkig zijn de technieken die hierbij gebruikt worden vaak met enige kennis en de juiste tools redelijk te omzeilen.

Daarom organiseren wij zaterdag 1 maart de Puscii Privacy Party: een dag voor kennisuitwisseling op het gebied van versleuteling, anonimiteit en privacy. Er is geen vooropgezet programma: de bedoeling is om kennis en vragen bij elkaar te brengen, te kijken wat er beschikbaar is, waar interesse in is en daar dan praktisch mee aan de slag te gaan.

Toegang is gratis en iedereen is welkom, ongeacht technische voorkennis.

Philosophy of hacking

The definition of hacking is controversial at best. Anyone familiar with the hacking scene probably has some intuitive feelings towards what is meant by hacking. Connotations of creativity, subversiveness and tinkering with highly complex technology are quite broadly accepted. Nevertheless, hacker groups and individuals have had furious discussions over its definition, ranging from cybercrime to kernel development. This goes to show that hacking is not rooted in or defined by one specific subculture, there is no one coherent hackerscene.

TA3M recordings

Better late then never and we didn't manage to catch everything, but here are some files that may give you an impression of the last TA3M evening in the ACU, Utrecht:



TA3M - October 21st, 19.00 - Voorstraat 71, Utrecht

Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup to connect activists and technologists who are interested in the challenges of surveillance and censorship, and anyone interested in free and open technology. The event takes place in different cities around the globe every third Monday of the month.

This month PUSCII will host the meeting in the ACU (Utrecht); join us for talks, drinks, discussions and feel free to contribute!

How much are you worth?

Webadvertising is a tricky and dirty business. Webpublishers, dataminers and advertisers are running around the clock making as much money as possible from so-called 'user profiles' A user profile is you, the reader. Wether you like it or not, your daily usage of the interwebs did make you a profile, even if you did not sign up for anything or use a pseudonym. Your profile is then actively traded and paid for, continously. Inria, a collective from France, has been able to break this process open a little bit, and developed a method to determine how much your profile is being sold for.

Gehoorzaam! Die Polizei hat immer recht!

We willen weten waar je bent, we willen weten wie je bent, en je hebt je vooral normaal te gedragen. Stel je ons gezag ter discussie, dan kan je problemen verwachten. In de nacht van afgelopen donderdag 12 september liepen 3 vrienden door Utrecht met een laptop en een gps. Ze waren bezig met de CCTV camera's in kaart te brengen. Dit onder andere om aan te tonen hoe belachelijk veel cameras er in de stad hangen en waar je veilig bent voor de ogen van de autoriteiten.

The limits of inclusion

The post-OHM silence after the storm brings a time for reflection and analysis. What follows is an edited collection of thoughts from several indivuals written before, during and after the camp. Its aim is to provide a more theoretical basis for discussion, to release the conflicts we endured during OHM out of the personal sphere and abstract them so we may learn from them, challenge our identities and prevent future mistakes. Hackercamps

Choosing a more privacy aware email provider

Recently the privacy of email reading and writing has been a hot topic in mainstream media. Several people are now looking at options to move away from Google's Gmail now. So what is a good and more privacy aware email provider to migrate to ? Activists have been building their own networks since years, https://we.riseup.net/riseuphelp+en/radical-servers but what are the options for the masses ? There's an interesting project to watch "Mailpile" http://www.mailpile.is/ but that is only expected to be ready in the summer of 2014, next year.

Linux users gone nuts

Earlier today Linus Torvalds was number one on a Next Microsoft CEO website, with RMS in second place. Torvalds had over 8000 votes. Now, tonight, RMS is number one with almost 15 thousand votes.

12 september: Info-avond "Big Brother is Back"

De Kritische Studenten Utrecht organiseren een info-avond over NSA, privacy, veiligheid en internetvrijheid.
  • Datum: do 12 sep, 2013
  • Tijd: 19:30 - 22:00
  • Waar: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht


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